Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound

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The narrative centres upon Alberic FitzJohn, the son of a Norman slave in Gaelic Meath during the Norman invasion of Ireland (AD 1171). Life is tough but tolerable, enriched by secret moments with Ness - a Gaelic girl his own age. Captured by the knight Hugh de Lacy and installed at Dublin as a translator, Alberic’s confused loyalties are tested at every turn. He is drawn into a number of conspiracies which weave dangerous lines between the Norman, Gaelic and Norse inhabitants of the city. When King Henry grants Míde to de Lacy, Alberic is set on a collision course with his former Gaelic masters. He has to chart a way through the violent harrowing of Míde whilst searching for Ness and his father, amid rumours of a great Gaelic army rising in the west.

This project started as an experiment in blending the literary and historical strands of my writing with a view to immersing the reader in the lived experience of late twelfth century Ireland. The overarching story of the novel is based on elements of my book From Carrickfergus to Carcassonne – the epic deeds of Hugh de Lacy during the Cathar Crusade.

Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound will be published by Cynren Press in 2022.


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