Paul Duffy

Author, Archaeologist & Historian

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Pacy and vividly written, Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound offers a fascinating insight into Ireland at a crucial juncture in its history

DAVID BUTLER,  author of City of Dis

Fata Morgana is a story both beautiful and profoundly moving

An important publication for any archaeologist working in the discipline in Ireland




Paul Duffy is the author of Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound - an immersive, fast paced and sensory novel of twelfth century Ireland that comes from the wellspring of a life spent writing, touching and imagining the medieval.


As well as writing award-winning short fiction, Paul is an archaeologist, historian and author, specialising in medieval and urban archaeology. He has directed numerous landmark excavations in Dublin and has led projects in Australia, France and the UK. He has published widely on this work.

His historical research centres on the Crusades and, in particular, Irish involvement in the thirteenth century Cathar Crusade in Languedoc and he has published volumes and organised events in English and French on this subject.


Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound brings together the literary and historical strands of Paul's writing to create an engaging historical narrative, written in the form of a novel. This project seeks to immerse the reader in the nature, environment and turmoil of twelfth century Ireland and was selected for the inaugural Words Ireland mentoring programme 2017-18. Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound will be published by Cynren Press in 2022.